# Affordable and easy to perform

A Quick and Easy Way to Debit Consumers

SEPA Direct Debit is an automated payment scheme for collecting Euro payments from consumers from 52 European countries and territories. SEPA replaces different nation-wide direct debit schemes. This standardizes the transactions and makes them affordable and easy to perform.

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Automated payment scheme

Benefit from SEPA set of rules, procedures and standardized formats making your transaction flow frictionless.

Affordable and easy

Zero21 banking platform is merchant-centric, focusing on cost reduction and increased efficiency.

Safe and secure

Data security is our top priority. You can rest assured that your business is safe with us.

Merchant-friendly approach

Forget about the traditional bank-related hassle. Zero21 provides you a banking experience tailor-made to fit your needs.

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Payment scheme for collecting Euro payments from consumers

This payment system is pull-based, meaning that the merchant initiates the transaction from the consumer. The transaction flow goes between banks so that both merchant and the consumer can rest assured that the funds and information are safe and secure.

SEPA Direct Debit enables merchants a quick and easy way to debit their consumers within the SEPA zone. The consumers, on the other hand, benefit from a trusted and reliable payment method.

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Collect funds from 520 million European customers

Zero21 provides a simple interface, which is reliable and light on your system resources.

Collect payments in Euros from accounts all over Europe. Billing has never been easier - all you need is your customer’s IBAN, and you’re ready to go.

Data security is one of the biggest concerns today, especially online. You can bank with ease with Zero21 because our several security layers keep you safe and secured.

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