#Quick to set up and easy to use

Fast and Simple IBAN Account Issuing

Zero21 IBAN accounts enable you to send and receive money easily and instantly. Companies, banks and business partners can send funds to your Zero21 account from anywhere in the world in Euros.

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Quick to set up

Set up a European bank account without visiting the bank. Easy and straightforward online boarding process.

Increased efficiency

With our merchant-friendly interface, funds management becomes straightforward and transparent.

Numerous benefits

Due to the standardized format of IBAN, payments are easier to initiate and faster to process.

No EU Entity Required

You don’t need to have a European business entity in order to process payments in Euros.

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Benefits of a unique European bank account

Zero21 IBAN accounts provide merchants all the benefits of a European bank account, without a need to set up a European entity. This type of account is an alternative to traditional bank accounts. A fully digital solution provides simpler funds management and lower fees.

Fast and simple IBAN account issuing is achieved through an online procedure. Through this account, merchants can receive funds, collect SEPA Direct Debit and initiate Credit Transfers. This enables them a frictionless banking solution tailor-made for their needs. Zero21 IBAN accounts provide a state-of-the-art banking experience. This is achieved by utilizing all the advantages of FinTech banking.

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No bank visiting - no hassle

Open a European bank account with a dedicated IBAN without visiting the bank. The whole onboarding process is done online, setting you free from the dull paperwork and unnecessary fees.

No complicated interfaces, no boring paperwork, no lengthy sign-up. You can easily set up an account anytime you want, from anywhere in the world. Enjoy a simple onboarding and set up your account in a matter of days.

Zero21 bank account is your one-stop-shop for the whole banking process: you can open an account, receive and send funds in Euros with ease. Our intuitive interface is designed specially to make your funds management as smooth as possible.

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