Sandra N.

Marketing Assistant
May 21, 2019

Flexibility in the core of FinTech Banking

What is FinTech and why the world needs it

The financial industry is ever changing, looking to implement different innovation in all fields of services. The aim is to improve the financial processes, to be more efficient and client-friendly. If there’s one area ripe and ready for disruption, it’s traditional banking. FinTech banking can be the key to help solve the shortcomings.

Clients want to adjust the offering to fit their needs, not the other way around. Traditional banking tends to be stiff, with strict rules and procedures. Services are pre-defined, with only a small amount of adjustability possible.

In order to overcome this, FinTech steps in. We’ve already talked about how FinTech is helping shape the financial industry. However, in the specific field of FinTech banking, changes are happening at an incredible pace.

What is FinTech Banking?

As in all FinTech areas, FinTech Banking aims to use technology in order to improve financial services. In this field, new technologies are being used to refine the traditional banking processes. Companies are looking to provide customized banking solutions, at a lower price.

FinTech banks take banking fully online. From signing up, opting for services and performing the transactions - everything relies on technology.

Traditional banks look to employ the advantages of FinTech solutions. However, the main difference is in the core of the business model: FinTech Banking lets you adapt the solution to fit your needs perfectly.

What are the main benefits?

The banking industry has recognized the need to modernize the traditional solutions. It is no longer enough to offer loans, collect interest and perform pay-ins and pay-outs. Something needed to change, from the very root of the industry.

FinTech Banking is shaped to your needs. You don’t need to comply with using (and paying for!) services you don’t need. It is easier for you to shape your financial strategy, plan your expenses and project your income when you have an adaptable banking solution on your hands.

Besides this, FinTech Banking is at your disposal, wherever you are. Since everything is done online, you can utilize the banking services anytime you want, from anywhere in the world.

What’s in it for you?

FinTech Banking solutions provide you greater convenience. Due to the fact that you can bank anytime you want, from anywhere in the world, traditional banking boundaries have been surpassed.

In a prevailingly online world, data security is one of the main concerns. FinTech Banking employs the latest technology to keep your data and personal information safe and secure. You can always opt out of the services you don’t want to use, thus further increase your online security.

In order to gain clients’ trust and provide a clear picture of the expenses, FinTech banks should provide a transparent fee structure. With this structure on your hands, you can easily analyze your profitability, project your banking expenses on a yearly or monthly basis, and be sure that no hidden fees will come your way.

Zero21 is a FinTech bank specially built for merchants. It is focused solely on providing a smooth banking experience. From issuing IBAN accounts, SEPA Direct Debit, and Credit Transfer processing, it looks to let merchants bank with ease.

You can rely on Zero21 FinTech Banking services to fit your business needs. Whether you need to reach European customers, expand your business or simply employ a flexible and reliable banking solution, Zero21 is the place to go!