Interconnecting the TWO worlds

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ZERO21 is currently in the licensing process and will soon be a fully licensed crypto provider with the focus on offering merchants a way to accept crypto payments on their site through our licensed company. We are interconnecting the two worlds. Our solution is accepted and 100% compliant and regulated by the FIAT regulatory world, and 100% compliant and regulated by the crypto world. Importantly, this is done with the consumer in mind as well as the merchant making sure not to disrupt any current flows. Just a simple add-on solution to your payment methods at checkout!

ZERO21 enables the processing of any cryptocurrency for e-commerce transactions for any e-commerce store operating today in a simple, fast, and traditional transaction-based manner. We settle processed funds in a traditional corporate way into the merchant's bank account in their preferred currency. Similar to any traditional alternative fiat payment method, which processes transactions and provides funds via FX, we will settle in a simple streamlined matter of fiat to the merchant globally.

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* We are currently in the licensing
process and we will be operational soon

Accept crypto in 3 easy steps

No crypto knowledge is required, that's why we are here! Simply just integrate and start accepting payments and get paid in fiat!


Customer chooses their preferred crypto payment method at checkout


Customer scans the QR Code and approves payment


Payment successful, merchant receives funds instantly


Interconnecting the 2 worlds

ZERO21 is in the process of becoming the first licensed fiat-to-crypto crypto to fiat provider globally, based in Cyprus. Women-owned, our Founder, Ines Kring has been in the payment industry for over 25 years and knows all the challenges merchants face when it comes to “pretty much” everything in payments. Ines Kring says: “We have been doing extensive research over the last couple of years to build a solution to this challenging issue of “interconnecting the 2 worlds of crypto and fiat”. We developed a unique solution to solve this problem, and to allow true turn-key access for any e-commerce merchant to the crypto world. This approach allows us to combine the best of both worlds, providing a global first-to-market, fully operational, and fully regulated solution to the e-commerce crypto acceptance problem.


Crypto facts

There are over 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide

83.2% of American crypto owners own Bitcoin

31 million crypto users in Europe

Frequently asked questions

ZERO21 is currently in the licensing process and will then be one of the first licensed crypto providers with the focus on offering merchants a way to accept crypto on their site through our licensed company.

As a merchant, you will be able to offer crypto payment options to your customers, expanding your market and increasing your conversion rate. You'll provide a secure and safe payment method! It's always beneficial to offer as many payment options as possible to accommodate your customers. The best part is that, as a merchant, you won't have to handle crypto directly - you'll receive fiat currency if you prefer.

Yes. We specialize in the US market and are the only provider in this area to offer this service.

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ZERO21 LTD will not offer investment recommendations, instead will offer various tools for information and research on its website where self-directed clients can inform themselves about the cryptocurrency markets. For more information, visit CoinMarketCap and CryptoCompare.